Tuesday, May 01, 2012


Dedicated to Freedom Tower – may no other country or people have to suffer such a horrific tragedy ever again at the hands of fellow humans.

In this shadow I am humbled
I am gladdened, I am whole
on this spot where concrete crumbled
like the fragments of my soul;

through this resurrected tower
we acknowledge the demise
of our once pretentious power
and the nonexistent prize,

our gleaming spire stabs the sky,
rends darkened clouds above
so we can finally say goodbye
to those we dearly love

their tortured spirits free to chase
a better place beyond
reflections of their former grace
so poignant yet, so fond.


Unknown said...

fabulous read ...really flowed well and on such a poignant topic ...thank you so much for sharing x

Lynn Proctor said...

wow---so inspiring

Pat Hatt said...

Very well said
Let's hope never again
For such dread
At the hands of men

Donna Smith said...

That was beautiful. We buried my dad on that day, unrelated to the event, but now forever enmeshed, a confusion of emotions for that day exists for my whole family. I watched events unfolding on TV while in an already vulnerable and saddened state, so the whole 9-11 experience seems even more surreal.

Jessica L. Celaya said...

Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

Dave King said...

Cleverly thought and beautifully wrought. Bravo.

kate n said...

In my head that was a song - very controlled.

rch said...

Hey everyone, thanks for the comments!