Friday, May 18, 2012


What makes a river bend?
Surely nothing Man has made
for when they choose they rend
these structured things to tatters laid

about like they were never built
no settlement in sight
a soggy scene assailed by silt
as nature blots our blight.


Lynn Proctor said...

they do as they please-huh--great stuff

Donna Smith said...

I like the thought of nature "blotting our blight"! We're so powerful...ha!

sadie said...

As far as the Mother is concerned;
There is no poison that cannot burn
Father made her to be vibrant
Not to be vacant
As all Mother's do
She will be the one to clean up too.
What we reap she will sew
Thought perhaps you'd like to know

rch said...

Another one from The Shrine.