Thursday, May 17, 2012


He’s isolated, feeling odd
the semblance of a fallen god
whose temple tumbled to the sod,

for no one living is exempt
from time and its accrued contempt
despite the rare near miss attempt—

if chaos is indeed our lot
we must get by with what we’ve got
he reasons, indisposed to rot.


Lynn Proctor said...

such is life-huh!

Janet said...

Well-stated. The great equalizer is Time.

sadie said...

In response to his plight
Comes an answer wrong or right
These words; hear these words
Listen and see...
"I will never leave thee
Or forsake thee"
How much clearer could these words
Time speaks of ages,must we be
Sages to comprehend what that
There are three world ages
known in the pages as ions
The telling engages minds and
Enrages some who choose to
Forget The story of sin and regret.
And how love overrides even the
Tides of destruction at His command.
It is a promise given to us
Who are made from the dust
In hopes that we understand.
Patience still lives with hope
And with charity, while we
Struggle sottish waiting for clarity.
faith is the key if he can
See what it is to be free.

rch said...