Tuesday, May 22, 2012


We’re all just fragments looking for
the piece that makes us whole
a place where our irregularities fit,
in search of that intense rapport
that saturates our soul
with fuel that always keeps the fire lit;

the offspring of what might have been
and what was meant to be
the ground beneath us seems to ever shift
until that shining moment when
we’re loved enough to see—
it’s either integrate, or simply drift.


Sadie said...

This one is above
The rest
This one I love
For it passes
the test..and speaks
A truth.
For all of us

Lynn Proctor said...

kinda at a crossroads like thing--nice

Jinksy said...

We all fit into some jigsaw puzzle, somewhere, sooner or later...

rch said...

Yes we're all a piece looking for peace.