Saturday, May 26, 2012


Attempting the poetic
while feeling quite pathetic
requires an affinity
for anything esthetic

I yield to the attraction
in search of satisfaction
deferring to divinity
ignites intense reaction.


Pat Hatt said...

That it does
Stirring up quite the buzz

Sadie said...

The fact that you're lyrical
Even while cynical
Completes quite spherical
The methodical message of a muse

The art of using word
So your heart can be heard
Is a gift that you've earned
From the Father.

Have you failed to seize
That you can now be
That which Will please your Grandfather?

Side bar; from a side car

'Tis a fascination
Of identification
When one day you wake To find
All that you say
Any time of day
Right within your mind
Just has to rhyme...

Lynn Proctor said...

yes it does!

rch said...