Thursday, May 31, 2012


When people make my patience flee
I look at them and I see... me
no mirror ever could display
such glaring flaws (oh what dismay!)

I’ve got to try to look beyond
my lack of vision, and respond
to revelations of this kind
as chances to remake my mind.


Eileen T O'Neill ..... said...


I love this piece of ( personal ) reflection, in more ways than one.
A little piece of all of us in that same reflection :)

Best Wishes,

Pat Hatt said...

Looking at ones self
At their shelf
Can be interesting to say the least
And find the nature of the beast

Lynn Proctor said...

yep that "man in the mirror"--gets us every time

Sadie said...

Have you never had a day
Where no matter what you say...
You're wrong?
Ever been to the brink of
What ever you might think
Somehow your thoughts can't
It is in seclusion
You come to conclusion
Those things in your face
You see as disgraced
Recognized as traits
that you will soon tire.
Having no desire;
You're revelation?:
'tis you seeing you turned inward.
I'll mention it plain so you can
stay sane.
Our spirits become weak,
And so they will seek.
That which they'll feed on,
That which they need
Coming straight from above
We Call it Love...

rch said...

I really don't like what I see sometimes, but fortunately I don't encounter many mirrors.