Sunday, May 20, 2012


Once you have flame
there's no need to keep flicking
but some look at blame
as a reason for ticking

and once you've drawn blood
don't ever desire
to foster a flood
of darkest red ire--

The flawless may feel that to judge is their role
but I've yet to engage such a sparkling soul.


Lynn Proctor said...

yes to judge is to point the finger back, huh

nutschell said...

I love the last two lines!

Sadie said...

Humor and deadly expression
Can be found in most every soul
It's the dwelling on it
That allows it to take a toll

The agravation of a gnat
That's buzzing 'round your hat
Round and round it flies
As it persistantly tries
To find a place to drink
Like a mini vampire link

In your own way, from within
Your head
You'll find the giant
Swatter to smash it dead.