Saturday, May 19, 2012

Final Meal

Death can be delicious
to those whose lives are vicious
but to the more ambitious
it isn't that nutritious.


Carrie Burtt said...

You truly have said it in a way as never before Bob. :-)

Lynn Proctor said...

i am sure this is right!

sadie said...

It(He) waits for us all
We will surely shed this clay.
Death is what it's called.
But it is written it's not
the final play.
To some it is bitter sweet
If life in clay has been
It is when our maker we meet
We will know for certain
Our fate will be clear for sure.
If a person knows not the Father
How can they know where they stand?
So to see it could very well be
The Master may say "I never knew
Thee" ...
Another soul destroyed with the
Wave of a hand.
Not to be remembered is a
Terrifying Final command.

rch said...

Just playin' with my food 8-P