Friday, May 11, 2012

Lyrics in Progress

The horses were sold when someone bought the farm
Yes all the pretty ponies went away
They were sold on the promise that they'd never come to harm
But folks don't always mean the things they say

The farm was on the banks of a river wide and grand
Where there had never once been any flood
Then the rain began until it soaked the promised land
And there was nothing left to harvest but the mud

Beware the deeds of those that claim to care
And the raging storm that hasn't yet been there
At times there isn't much that you can do
But ask The Lord for help to make it through


Pat Hatt said...

Some times that is it
Just take the hit
And ask for help
With a little yelp

Jan Freeman said...

We are at the mercy not only of ourselves

Lynn Proctor said...

very true words

rch said...

Sing it!