Thursday, May 24, 2012

Looking Up

I’m such a cynical sort
and yes, sarcastic too
you risk a wry retort
when asking for my view

my grandson mimics me
which prompts me now to pause
I don’t want him to be
corrupted by my flaws.


Sadie said...

It's such a race just to keep pace
With all the words you write
Whew what a sight!

From the mouths of babes
We learn to behave

Note if you change
Will you just rearrange
Or quit all together
If young birds will fly
Will they even know why
They have feathers?

Donna Smith said...

Little eyes are always there watching, soaking up all in their admiration and love, and strive to be like that wonderful person flaws and all. It takes care to temper the flaws that we don't want to perpetuate!

Pat Hatt said...

Every word you let flow
He will know
And figure what the heck
And give a little peck

Lynn Proctor said...

yep that's what i tell my husband all the time hehehe

rch said...

I know, one of the reasons I was always afraid to have any kids myself, not the best role model.