Tuesday, May 15, 2012


I wish that I could know it all
like those that use this board
so gratified by their own gall
that snarkiness has soared—

contented with their skins of jade
and objects they can hold
will maxims keep them unafraid
before the void so cold?


sadie said...

Laughter is an attitude on a two way street
Exchanged humor purposed only to treat
A heart of light or enlightened heart...
So this one will go now and do my part
More words to learn while being spurned
By the master of this board

No intrusion was intended
Perhaps leaving will bring fences mended
Surprised by the ire and being cussed,
Excuse this bunny made of dust
While it escapes as it came in
Oh great board master ...you win.

rch said...

Sadie this not for you
I love your rhyming words
Some other board is flinging poo
Like testy little turds.

sadie said...

The master speaks
What one wonders can be eeked?

This other that seems to creep
In manure knee deep
I wonder as only dust can
How much attention
Can the other from you demand?
With time being a conception fleet
Can you not kick the dust from
your feet?
Do you know evil is only as strong
As the strength you send along?

Realizing when you're right
you might need to fight
However are you willing to give
To one who is such a bore?

rch said...

I am no master, just a fool
that thinks rhyming words are cool
whose lucky every now and then
to find a friend and share his pen.

Thanks 8^D

Donna Smith said...

I just don't have an inkling
Why your brow should get to wrinkling
Me thinks a foe is stinkling
Instead of friendly twinkling
Ignore the poisonous drinkling
Keep your crow's feet crinkling
With gooder thoughts be thinkling
Sweeter words you'll soon be sprinkling.

...what in the world did I just write? Well, I'm clicking 'Publish' anyway. I must be tired or foolish...maybe both. Sometimes we just can't stop ourselves, can we?

sadie said...

So...It is your board
And you ARE the master..
I need a new word,
a new word I'm after.

Can you make it a love song?
This challenge for you...
Is it wrong?
Just a small tune, dust bunnies
Can croon
And tree frogs can hum along.

Not sure if you could
But if you only would
Morph into a lyricist
Board Master
If not in a song where rhymes
Can belong, and inspire the next
Donald Duck Dunn,
Then how about a new word
Board Master just for fun?