Wednesday, May 02, 2012


Slovenly Slouch
was attached to his couch
and his stomach stuck out
like an overstuffed pouch,

he’d slump there for days
his eyeballs ablaze
with a permanent bout
of comatose glaze.

His mother would dote
while he would just bloat
his single concern
a working remote

and he only ran
to go to the can
till Mom made him learn
to use a bedpan;

she worried for him
for chances were slim
that once she was gone
things wouldn’t be grim

and make him a grouch
with nobody (ouch)
the draperies drawn
on Slovenly Slouch.


Pat Hatt said...

Taken to the extreme
Having no steam
Even pooing on the spot
Must have dry rot

ariverflowsby said...


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