Monday, May 28, 2012


For everyone to glower hardened glares
from eyes ablaze with paranoid mistrust
there's someone with a loving heart that cares,

compassion reigning all of their affairs,
forgiving of the misanthropic lust
from those that choose to glower hardened glares

while lurking, lonely in their leery lairs,
adverse to the position that there must
be someone with a loving heart that cares

for anyone whose hatefulness impairs
their chance to live, before they turn to dust,
like those that choose to glower hardened glares.

There's nothing more rewarding that compares
with altering an outcome that's unjust
as someone with a loving heart who cares,

who openly embraces all and shares
exuberance so wonderfully robust
that those who choose to glower hardened glares
will soon display a loving heart that cares.


Anonymous said...


B. U. T. Full

Pat Hatt said...

Be nice if all turned to such a way
But many still have the hardened display

Sadie said...

It seems to be the easier thing to judge
When not appointed...
Rolling eyes to ceiling in disgust
Rejoicing in the mind to hold a grudge
Though disjointed...
Seeking all the rules we live by go bust.

To put yourself into the shoes of Solomon
To stand before the Lord not knowing grace.
Do you dare to compare all your knowledge
When you've never really seen wisdom's face?

Knowing that indifference is commisioned
Promoting separation of the souls
If we are truly only the saying
Are we really so conditioned that we're
Blind to where hardened hearts would have us go?

Side bar from another sidecar
Yeah you got to

Lynn Proctor said...

here's hoping everyone finds that caring someone--they are around---lovely poem

be not blind said...

lonely in their leery lairs..

Really like this one!

rch said...

Thanks everyone!!