Sunday, May 27, 2012

Body Language

She gives me gaff
which makes me laugh
and laughter is a tonic
that keeps us sane
and helps abstain
from languishing laconic
we all have those
that soothe our woes
with their own zany antics
a crazy style
that makes us smile
regardless of semantics.


Sadie said...

Well so that's three (3) words
To look up...

By the seat of your
None too soon
Never said I was "average"
Er...maybe that was "normal"
Turn the page...
Alright then; be formal.

sadie said...

Alright then I'll behave
Fade to the background
Like in the grave
Lost and found
Just be reading
Looking for meanings
Giving you peace
Bet you'll miss me


rch said...