Monday, May 21, 2012


On a windy spring day
the willows will sway
their droopy green branches
all slanted one way
and a long wistful cruise
does not help me lose
ambivalent blues
beneath skies of gray.


Shirley said...

This one just blew me away. (I can't resist either.) ;)

Donna said...

In my first recollections of being alive, we lived in a little (I guess) house that had a weeping willow in the yard. I think of that willow whenever I see or read about one. Never had one since. Beautiful arrangement of words.

Sadie said...

Willows tell a story
Some may think it sad or without glory
But there's more to be said
Of the grace in it's stead
Not to break but to bend
So the story it can send
To us about the news
There's so much more underneath
Gray skies, if you choose to
See past the blues

Lynn Proctor said...

makes me wanta go to the beach

rch said...

Just singin' the blues