Monday, April 30, 2012


One night when a swollen moon hung low
a gifted child was brought to the earth
she knew things few would ever know
fulfilling omens with her birth,

her hair was darker than a demon's maw
her stunning eyes were emerald green
when she cried out all the gypsies saw
her little tongue was serpentine.

The elders shouted, "She's the One!"
and wildly danced the whole night through
they knew before this girl was done
the gentry's hearts would suffer rue;

for centuries the upper class
had made the gypsies live like slaves
but once the birth had come to pass
the wealthy fools were bound for graves.

When adolescent pangs brought forth
the terrible power she carried within
she disappeared in woods to the north
her mission of vengeance about to begin

with hoops of silver in her ears
and a silken scarf upon her head
she'll make you feel your deepest fear
and curse your soul until you're dead.


Pat Hatt said...

Well that is just not nice
The cat only kills mice
At least I have nine lives
So if she gives me hives
And takes one
I'll be back for more fun

rch said...

Thanks Pat
you know where I'm at!