Monday, April 23, 2012


It's been my luck to somehow find
another store that needs be mined
for sparkling mysteries sturdily spined

that musty whiff from every page
the singing soul of a somber sage
my booty of beauty from a bygone age.

***The very first poem I wrote to post on this blog almost 7 years ago is about a garage sale held at a local church twice a year where I have been blessed to find old books of poetry almost every time I go. This time it was Longfellow, the 1937 Yearbook of Poets, and another which shall be the subject of an upcoming a-z post. It seems this may be turning into a mission as I have found and saved many works of artistic worth that were passed over by hundreds of people scrabbling over modern paperback tripe like vultures on a putrid carcass. And the best part? The most I've ever paid is $5, this go around - .75¢ - YES seventy five cents, unbelieveable. I feel like a bit of a 'bookaneer' ;-)***


Janet Martin said...

...and there's no feeling like it!
Love the poem, and the prose that follows. I

Pat Hatt said...

No measure
To that for whcih 75 cents you can find and treasure

anthony stemke said...

My spouse and I love garage sales and thrift stores. I tend to look at cookbooks and music. Got some great cassettes for 29 cents each, books for 50 cents to $2.00.

Donna Smith said...

I love poetry and can't understand why it isn't valued more. But all the better for us! Score on that yearbook of poets!
I just discovered your site. Am a follower now. I've written poems for A to Z. Pop over if you get have a mind to.

Lynn Proctor said...

oh how wonderful--such finds and bargains

rch said...

It is nice to find these treasures, I've got quite a collection going now.

Anonymous said...

I buy all mine used. Great feeling to find a new writer and have a great, old book.