Wednesday, April 18, 2012


In a well hidden lab
where death is designed
it's drearily drab
acutely confined
and sterile stubs stab
a rodent behind
to search for a substance along the vein
of being lethal yet humane.

They labor with care
in this misguided mill
alertly aware
for the tiniest spill
one cell in the air
sufficient to kill
an army at a rapid pace
or even an entire race,

but they also make
a serum or two
that people can take
to weather the flu
and a horrid mistake
was bound to ensue
when someone slightly less concerned
made sure that protocol was spurned.

Extinction stored
in a vial of glass
the hapless horde
so cravenly crass
can ill afford
to let it pass
but no one checks it very well
and soon the world will go to hell.


Pat Hatt said...

Thus is the cost of man
Of which I am no fan
Letting their ego rise
Thinking we are so wise
Yet with one little spill
Dead we are from their poision pill

Eileen T O'Neill ..... said...


A very scary reminder of man's own power to destroy the world and the human race. Somehow, it almost makes natural disasters, more palatable.


The Hopeful Romantic said...

Oh that is really rather creepingly horrible! Who needs imagery - what you can construct in your head is far scarier!

Lynn Proctor said...

sounds like a great novel--wonderful

rch said...

thanks, it was slightly influenced by Stephen King's The Stand, one of my favorite books.