Saturday, April 14, 2012


Well here we are at the halfway point in our alphabetical extravaganza, and since M begins so many words I think we'll do a Multi-post to give your minds much to masticate 8-D

So today I must begin with the M word that has been on my mind just about every day at one point or another since the tragic house fire that happened at the end of October 2008 - Mother.

My relationship with her has been somewhat documented here and I won't go into much detail as far as that goes, the poems are in the archives, but I would just like to take a moment to ask anyone that reads this to say a prayer, regardless of religion, that she is finally at peace. For someone that spent their whole life in pain it was unbearable to see her burned body writhing in agony at the end.

I am going to conclude this plea with the chorus of a song that my guitar teacher Matt Smith wrote (bass player's brother died), his link is at the right, the song is called Flow My Tears:

For every life there is a season
Every death must have its reason
Who am I to question why God wanted it that way
Life ain't fair and life ain't pretty
Life is hard, it has no pity
For those of us here left behind to live another day


Lynn Proctor said...

i loved your egg poem---i must go back and read your blog--i am so sorry about your mother and i will certainly say a prayer---life is very hard sometimes--may you have peace today <3

rch said...

Thanks a lot Lynn, peace to you as well my friend.