Tuesday, April 24, 2012


The first responders braving death to battle every blaze
or soothing dwellers devastated on dark destructive days,
the cop that finds a precious child wandering and scared
or takes a bullet willingly so innocence is spared,
the parents that instill their kids with courage to do right
and how to love by holding them in sickness through the night,
the boss that helps finance a worker's quest to finally read
or takes the time to truly try and understand their need,
the teacher that buys art supplies with pennies that they earn
or makes their students eager to be curious and learn,
a would-be poet succumbing to the confines of their pen
and never letting the virtue of their voice be heard again.


Donna Smith said...

"Unsung" is a precious tribute... being a newly retired teacher, and having bought untold numbers of crayons, seeds, books, clothing in winter, and anonymous Christmas gifts dropped off on doorsteps - without any thank you's necessary... I appreciate and take that thank you to heart, as will, I'm sure, many others that you have noted!
And all that being said, I like the flow, the rhythm and rhyme to your work.

Pat Hatt said...

A true hero indeed
Not needing any recognition for the deed
Doing because it is right
Fighting the good fight

Lynn Proctor said...

so many do their deeds unknown--how beautiful

rch said...

Thanks Donna, Pat and Lynn!