Friday, April 13, 2012


Will I ever be lucky
and learn how to live
can I grasp the importance
of living to give?

Could I ever be lucid
enough to relent
this liking for lyrical
lines of lament?

And when will I listen
so I might detect
the lilting allusions
my longings project?

Should I loosen the lanyard
to litter the deck
or lustfully loop it
around my own neck?

Can I launch limitations
that lessen my pay?
I'm cheerfully leery
but leaning that way.


Pat Hatt said...

Same thoughts are had
By this lad
As that noose gets tighter
Be nice if things were lighter
But then not sure I could take the leap
As I'm in too deep

Jack said...

Great carriage of consonants throughout.

Also: fifth stanza, clever stuff.

Lynn Proctor said...

i think you should go for it--go for your dreams--love it

Sandra Tyler said...

wow. Well done, considering you used a lot of Ls. Looking forward to your M poem!

Sue H said...

Bravo! This is a very fluid string of images you've created here! ;-)

Just passing though, on the blog-hop - happy A-Z'ing!

SueH I refuse to go quietly!

rch said...

I'm lucky you like my littany :-D