Thursday, August 30, 2012


I journeyed to the shrine today
in search of some asylum
and watched the butterflies at play
the floaters of the phylum

the monarchs ruled as royalty
their spotted wings resplendent
which gained a growing loyalty
from all the rest attendant

there were yellow ones, some were white
and tiny ones of azure
that begged my heart to join their flight
a sorely sought for treasure

for if I'm ever down again
in some sad situation
I'll surely smile remembering when
I scored this rare elation.


Daydreamertoo said...

Aren't they beautiful t watch in flight and, at play. I was so lucky to go to the Gulf of Mexico a couple of times and the sheer size of the butterflies there was totally amazing. They were incredibly beautiful too.
Lovely poem. :)

Mary said...

Beautiful! Was in a 'butterfly garden' just this past week. Saw so many varieties at play. I like the idea expressed in your poem that it is a good thing to remember if ever a person is feeling down!

Pat Hatt said...

Such a flight
Is surely a sight
And they don't bite
So there is no fright

rch said...

Thanks all, it was such a beautiful day, certainly one to remember.