Tuesday, August 21, 2012


I’m here in my aquarium
just waiting to be seen
a glassine sanitarium
within the mean machine
and deep inside my cranium
the gears begin to keen
impatient to be truly free
from this menagerie.


Donna Smith said...

You have done it again. I had to read it a few times to myself, developing the image more and more with each pass. Exposure, in an aquarium, like it. But am I allowed to ask what the 'within the mean machine' means? I keep thinking, but I'm not getting that part. I hope this isn't a "duh" when I get it! I hate embarrassing myself when I don't see the obvious.

rch said...

Well Donna, 'The machine' is a recurring theme in my poetry usually referring to the corporate clans we all must work for but sometimes it can also be this over-mechanized society we live in. In this poem it alludes to both ;^)

Anonymous said...

Except "glassine" is more of a waxed paper than it is aquarium-like.

I can certainly appreciate your thoughts behind the poetry - but I have a really hard time, like, I get "stuck" when a word is used that doesn't make sense to me.

rch said...

well I rarely do this preferring to let the poem say what it will but:

1- workplace walls are paper thin

2- the figurative walls people erect are seldom as transparent as others would like

hope that helps 8^D

thanks for reading and commenting.

Donna Smith said...

Thanks! Now it's become much more transparent to me! :}
It was a little bit of a duh moment for me, but I'm okay!