Sunday, August 26, 2012

Just Look

And there, upon an intermediate hill
stands the truth no one knew they were looking for
as cryptic as an ancient cross
as lethal as a misty sea
a thing of aching beauty
and vile revulsion
that beckons like a lighthouse
and teases like a chain link fence
with a hole just small enough
to slip through.

I couldn't help but wonder
why something that seemed
relatively accessible
was apparently so hard to find
then intently watched a fellow seeker
begin their quest in a different spot than mine
and I suddenly realized--

it was simply because
the path is completely unique
for everyone.


Scarlet said...

That last stanza says it all...same road but different paths and goals ~ Thanks for sharing your reflections ~

Mary said...

I love the philosophy and reflectiveness of this poem. Enjoyed thinking about 'the truth no one knew they were looking for.'

Audrey Howitt aka Divalounger said...

A wonderful reflection --I agree with Heaven--the last stanza does speak volumes!

Serena said...

Powerful thoughts... I agree about the last stanza saying it all... also especially liked "that beckons like a lighthouse/ and teases like a chain link fence". Well done.

Janine Bollée said...

This is special in more ways than one. It has implications for everyone living a life of any kind.
Would I be out of order if I made a small suggestion for you to consider? I would swap 'cryptic' and lethal', both qua meaning and sound.
Please forgive if I overstepped the boundaries of commenting on art.

Eileen T O'Neill ..... said...


I like the deep thought within your poem. We may have the same intentions, but each may take a different route.

Happpy Sunday,
Eileen :)

rch said...

Thanks for the great comments and btw aprille I swapped those two words.

rch said...

Hi Melissa, glad you enjoyed the trip ;^)