Monday, June 30, 2008


It takes no divination
to see your future dear,
that former invitation
is a ticket to appear
upon some transportation
that’ll cart your worthless rear
to a dismal destination
far away from here.

Sunday, June 29, 2008


Without the loud transmission
or the cybernetic thrall
I’m lulled into submission
by the clock upon the wall;

each tick is like a cannon shot
proclaiming the demise
of one more chance to change the plot
that circumstance supplies.

I hear a low commotion
as it clatters far away
which calls derailed devotion
to forget the ties and stray—

such furrows crenelate my brow
that shadows blind my sight,
I’m blowing out the candle now
it’s time to say goodnight.

Friday, June 27, 2008


When muscles warped and shuttles zoomed
who knew what insidious illness loomed
for remnants cut so many times
that only fragile fringe remains
to dangle like forgotten chimes
as any wind worth catching wanes.

Decaying streets became a sheath
exposing cobblestones beneath
that fester like infected cuts
in need of an effective cure
but all there is are deeper ruts
ensuring sickness will endure.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


As smoky sunlight saturates the clouds that won’t disperse
reality repudiates that things can’t get much worse
but luckily the need to vent is easy to coerce
and so another night is spent dispensing physic verse.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


They went to the wake
I stayed to forsake
my waning humanity lest I relapse,
if forced to partake
bravado will break
releasing the sorrow that clogs each synapse.

I long to relate
but fail to create
a permanent pathway through which to commune
and sadly I’ll wait
until it’s too late
my own wake attended by none but the moon.

Monday, June 23, 2008


I bathe in the wrath of a withering star
as a hammer confers with concrete,
ignoring the hardhats that labor to jar
me from reverie’s soothing retreat:

I dreamt of moments in the grass
observing pliant nimbus pass
the vigor in my tawny skin
as vibrant as my eager grin,
no thoughts of senseless enmity
to soil the unfettered me
nor any pressing plans to ply
just me, the earth, the endless sky...

A deafening crash brings me back to the truth
and I blink in the dazzling glare
as photons more feisty than those of my youth
incite me with each fleeting flare.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I sought a soothing subject to expound upon today
but found no wry expressions that were worth the breath to say
so I jotted down a couple lines that didn’t take much thought
relaxing nerves that heretofore were dangerously taut.

Friday, June 13, 2008


Twenty six soldiers of lead
have conquered the heart and the head
with passionate plays that have fed
the fancy of all who have read.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Back to Reality

The giant was humbled (and grumbled a bit)
abashed that the eggheads were brimming with shit
he found out that lingo (while sounding quite sweet)
should not be confused with a plan that’s complete
he called on his captain (a grizzled old cuss)
to foster tradition and bury this fuss
while those in the trenches (who bled all along)
are wondering what the hell took so damn long!?!

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Broken Dancer V - Monotone

Sitting, waiting, watching lifetime
Slip between your hands
Like sands from a broken hour glass

Sweeping up the sands of time
We often find our hidden selves
But then it’s too late to change what could’ve been helped

Home alone on a rainy day
Quietly composed
Wondering who ordered the storm

The sound of rain drops on the sill
Like moments from your life
Drip on in a dreadful monotone

Hopeless, relentless problems
Running through your mind
Suddenly your dream falls behind

Looking back to find its face
Buried in the crowd
It hides itself never to be found

Floating through society
Adrift without an oar
About to sink like a hefty stone

The slap of waves against your hull
Like moments from your life
Slosh on in a dreadful monotone

Running nowhere on a treadmill
Watching life pass by
You better say goodbye

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Broken Dancer IV - Four Wheels

Remembering summer days
How I used to love to play
Running, jumping, climbing trees
Sharing secrets with the breeze
But then my promise made me new
I had no friends I could turn to
The price seemed much too high before
Now I wish I had paid more
How my parents taunted me
Refusing needed sympathy
Driving me to fulfill their dreams
They never heard my silent screams
Alone I laughed, alone I cried
Alone I chose to run and hide
I never wanted company
My only friend was misery

Remembering those days at school
When I played the silent fool
Afraid to share my tales of pain
Afraid of being controlled again
The dance was all I lived to do
It kept me strong and pulled me through
The times when no one seemed to care
The troubled times of deep despair
Silence, all I dreamed about
Was constantly being shut out
By the applause of those who always failed
To see the hate my smile veiled
Pain, the only thing real for me
Was confused with artistic eccentricity
Never feeling understood
I’ve grown up cold and subdued

Remembering those days on stage
I suppress a fleeting rage
That cries for recompense
That strives to make some sense
My dancers legs, no longer whole
Destroyed by fate in a single blow
Lie uselessly below my waist
Displaying the result of my haste
Yes, four wheels make up most of me
Two large, two small in harmony
The rest is just a wasted mass
Barely able to make a gasp
If only I had tried a little more
If only I had cared before
Perhaps these endless days of pain
Would not be driving me insane

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Broken Dancer III - Too Much Gas

Another show over
But you don’t feel right
You get into your car
And burn into the night

Trees whizzing by
The stars in the sky
Tears flood your eyes
You can’t see the road

The needle hits eighty
You’ve sweat on your brow
When it passes one hundred
You lose your resolve

You stomp on the brakes
They fail to take
You realize your mistake
By then you’ve lost control

You gave it too much gas
You went much too fast
There were no cars to pass
You just gave it too much gas

Spinning and swerving
All over the road
You can’t see the truck
There’s no way to avoid

Crushed and bleeding you lay
You hear someone say
The ambulance is on the way
Oh the hell with it

From the operating table
The doctor looks grim
He’s shaking his head
Everything grows dim

In a recovery room
Draped with gloom
You find out you’re doomed
You’ll never walk again

You gave it too much gas
You went much too fast
Never again will you dance
You just gave it too much gas

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Broken Dancer II - Glory Child

See the potential glory child
Wasting away, getting high all the while
See his bitter smile

Because, he says, there’s no sense
In being someone special
If you can’t be someone free

So why don’t we all go get stoned
So we can be the same
Too blind to see

Too blind to see
What’s eating us away inside
Too concerned
With jealousy and petty pride
Too wrapped up
In our forlorn dreams
It’s enough to
Make me want to scream

And scream he will
When one that has it all throws it all away
He’ll be sorry another day

Oh glory child with your
Hair brushed and angelic smile
Can’t you see the damage you’ve done?

Just to have your own way
Even the slightest victory
You discard common sense
And turn your back on dignity
Sneaking out to have your fun
Soon it will be history
But history has a way of haunting the future
Glory child better hide your bitter smile