Wednesday, July 10, 2013


The wind has stripped another leaf
another moment much too brief
another day, another year
that seemed to simply disappear
devoid of grief,
or wins to cheer.

The world has whirled another inch
and no one even thought to flinch
concerned instead with time to kill
it feels as though we're standing still,
another clinch
that drains our will.

The sun has burned more precious fuel
for all of us the flame is cruel
reducing everything to ash--
regardless whether bland or brash
we're doomed to duel
a constant clash.

The sea has an alluring reach
unfathomed lessons yet to teach
just listen to the salty spray,
and though your passing footprints stay
upon the beach,
they'll wash away.


Anonymous said...

nice poem...

rch said...

Thanks very much!