Sunday, April 08, 2012


The day our Lord was resurrected
disciples once undone by grief
were irrevocably connected
by the bonds of true belief.

The heavens must have blazed with light
the day our Lord was resurrected
while those bewildered at the sight
intensely genuflected,

His restoration unexpected--
had they not laid Him in His tomb?
The day our Lord was resurrected
redemption from a holy womb

was borne unto a wicked world
for anyone that's willingly selected
to stand behind the standard He unfurled,
that day our Lord was resurrected.


Lynn Proctor said...

love it-just beautiful--have a blessed Easter

Pat Hatt said...

Captured the day so well
As you rang the bell
Happy Easter to you
And now I bid adieu

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter!

Lynn Proctor said...

what a joyous poem!

rch said...

Thanks a lot, not an a-z, just some easter thoughts, take care all.