Monday, March 31, 2008


Inconsequential aspirations
compromise integrity’s seal,
uneducated justifications
instigate rebellious zeal;
infuriating vacillations
roughly churn a floundering keel,
contradicting condemnations
are all I ever seem to feel.


Noah the Great said...

You're a thesaurus!



yeah, i agree a walking thesaurus.. LOL....

ozymandiaz said...

Well, that was a new one. The title first suggestied to me ambivelence as a stae of being so I looked it up. Kinda close. It could be seen as ambivelence to social aspect instead of the id choosing to be intro or extroverted. Your poem though suggest more of a political struggle which is way more funny.

rch said...

Hey noah and gerald, who knew?

Hi oz, yes it could go either way.

rch said...