Friday, March 07, 2008


Sedated by the lullaby
of steel caressing steel
I feel the wayward workhorse cry
with every labored squeal
bemoaning how it’s destination
is never a surprise
considering determination
comes from rigid ties.


ozymandiaz said...

predestination is somewhat of a mechanical ideal, no? love this or should I say

Anonymous said...

Poor train...half the fun in life is never knowing where it will take you next. Very good.

ekhosama said...

I am that horse. Rigid ties are making me mad today. great poem, have u considered publishing ur work?

Anonymous said...

Steel on steel-- clickity clack, clackity click.


i think its some thing mechanical.

GO spurs GO! MY NBA bet bob.

nice poem

Anonymous said...

So this is to be the final fate of "The Little Engine that Could." How sad.

Better it should be chained to a rock for eternity and have its liver eaten while an existential philosopher argues that it is happy, because it still has its rebellion.

Poor trains! We can't even free them without their becoming derailed.

I love your pun in the last line. It gave the trip a light ending.

writerwoman said...

Nice allusion to a train. You make it seem very poetic.


bob, is more than poetic. ~_^

rch said...

Hi all, sorry so absent lately, the grind is really grinding me down, maybe I'll save it for a detailed post if I don't jump on that train and disappear :(