Sunday, June 01, 2008

Broken Dancer II - Glory Child

See the potential glory child
Wasting away, getting high all the while
See his bitter smile

Because, he says, there’s no sense
In being someone special
If you can’t be someone free

So why don’t we all go get stoned
So we can be the same
Too blind to see

Too blind to see
What’s eating us away inside
Too concerned
With jealousy and petty pride
Too wrapped up
In our forlorn dreams
It’s enough to
Make me want to scream

And scream he will
When one that has it all throws it all away
He’ll be sorry another day

Oh glory child with your
Hair brushed and angelic smile
Can’t you see the damage you’ve done?

Just to have your own way
Even the slightest victory
You discard common sense
And turn your back on dignity
Sneaking out to have your fun
Soon it will be history
But history has a way of haunting the future
Glory child better hide your bitter smile


paisley said...

there is not a better hiding place on earth,, than inside a nice drug filled womb... and when you come out,, the world is even harsher and less fitting than it was when you went in... i came out 15 years ago,, but i still don't feel at home here...

i hope whom ever it is you are speaking about here,, finds the strength to come out and live,, and even more than that,, i hope there is still a life to be lived should he emerge......

this might not make sense to you now,, but should he be blessed with recovery and you know him for any period of time after that,, i think you will one day say,, wow.. now i know why she said that.....

rch said...

thanks paisley :D