Friday, May 23, 2008

Broken Dancer I - It's In You

It’s in you,
Can’t you feel it my son?
You were born to be great
To be number one
You must cease all your playing
And practice non-stop
If you have any hopes
Of reaching the top
It’s in you my son
You must not be afraid
Just keep on dancing
Till your fortune is made
Then you can care for us
As we’ve cared for you
Can’t you feel it my son
Our greatest dreams come true?

I see in you a seed
Of blind discontent
And selfish greed
To an unknown extent
Oh mother dear
You knew from the start
To remove the fear
You rip out the heart
But you forgot that hate
Soon takes its place
And now it’s too late
For me to erase
The anger I feel
When I look at you
This just can’t be real
My worst nightmare come true.

Day after day
Hour upon hour
I go through the motions
I grunt and perspire,
But my mind is moving
Apart from my feet
It’s dreaming of freedom
Of walking the street—
I’m never allowed
Out of the house
I have no friends
My parents know about
I’m just a lonely child
Forced to be a dancer
It seems to be a riddle
For which there is no simple answer.


Anonymous said...

Poor kids! The image of Michael Jackson performing at such a young age popped into my head reading this. Kids are too often expected to live up to someone else's dream.

Unknown said...

Ahh. This is really good, but really sad at the same time.

Stacey said...

Oh gosh, this is so so sad, yet written so well......
It's good for a child to follow his or her dreams as long as they are not anyone elses dreams...and not for anyone else to financially
gain from them... :-D


Hi Rch, how are you, ive been very busy.., not much time to visit blogs.

_this is great poem Rch, i like it.

paisley said...

i had to change my domain name to please change your links and or feed as necessary

all you will have to do is remove the - from between why and paisley,, everything else will remain the same and will redirect you to the correct page.... sorry for the inconvenience...

Red said...

I like this poem, very moving and well written.

rch said...

hey thanks everybody, these are some song lyrics from long ago...

paisley said...

i am reading thus after par two... and i get a whole different feel in this piece,, i feel like someone is being pushed to the limits to walk to the beat iof someone else's drum... i know my inability to be "good enough" sent me raving like a lunatic to the opposing fringe... maybe that is what is or has happened here...