Friday, August 10, 2012


I think it was at the Five and Dime
you flipped a dog-eared grin
that was indeed a chapter in time
and our friendship did begin,

together we spent so many days
discovering new things to see
your colorful climactic ways
would always speak volumes to me;

it all just seemed to go so fast
and then there was the end
but the memories will always last
of my funny fast-paced friend.


Eileen T O'Neill ..... said...


It is a joy beyond words, when one finds a book which bonds tightly:)

Happy Weekend,

rch said...

I agree and thanks for your wonderful comments my human friend 8-)

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Cool metaphor, this is what books - and humans - do for us. I love "you flipped a dog-eared grin".

echoesofthehills said...

Reference to "chapter", "end", "climactic end" and "volume" are artistic and I liked the way you wove them.

rch said...

Thanks Sherry and echo, I really do look at books as friends along with anyone that is nice enough to comment on this blog, have a great day!

Sarav said...

You really know how to write a tight beautifully worded poem--the meter is so spot on! And the words made me smile. Well done!

Ella said...

Wow, I love how your wrote this~
It was lyrical and had the elements of intrigue! Clever and so well done :D