Thursday, August 23, 2012

Picking a Fight

The key to this broken down city
removed the paint but good
if you want things so damn shitty
please go back to the ‘hood.

***No your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you; it’s your everyday average poet and wife with Frank Fritz, one of the American Pickers. They stopped to do some picking in an old factory (one thing we have in abundance in Amsterdam) and we ran over to see if we could talk to them. Both guys, Mike and Frank were just so nice and it was really neat to meet these people I watch on TV all the time. I can’t wait to see the episode!

As to the poem, well it’s dedicated to the delinquent denizens of Eagle Street that felt the need to severely key one of the cars in the Picker’s entourage. As we approached I saw a bunch of people decidedly ‘gangsta’ in appearance and attitude. They must have been mad because all the activity really put a damper on their crack business. Someone went up one side of the vehicle and down the other, I was so embarrassed, what a welcome to our town. I can only apologize and hope that certain people get what’s coming to them.***


ariverflowsby said...

The problem is: those "certain people" never do get what they've got coming. That's why they keep doing it!!

Anonymous said...

They never get what they've got coming because the mayor refuses to believe or acknowledge that there's a gang problem in the city.

Someone needs to remove that woman from office, pronto.

Shirley Allard said...

Hey Bob, I'm impressed... and jealous! American Pickers is one of my favorite shows. Good for you... did you get their autographs and when does the show air? Don't want to miss that one. :)

BTW. I think the fact that they're crackhead gangsters means they've already got what they deserve!

rch said...

Thanks richard, so true!

hey anon, I stay out of politics, but there does seem to be some troubled areas in this town

Hi Shirley, lmao, never thought of it that way.