Monday, May 29, 2006

Wistful Wood

The arc of a long since fallen tree
a bower where I chanced to see
one nubile naiad beckoning me,
her laugh enthralled
my virtue stalled
and ere too long we frolicked free.

On mossy mats near a tuneful brook
she smote me with her fertile look
then laid me down and fiercely took
her wanton fill
with fluid skill;
I gladly languished in her nook.

Too soon she was restless, dispossessed
of current, confined to this nest,
her need for depth coalesced;
she turned to depart
I woke with a start—
then rose with a sigh, and got dressed.


Anonymous said...

Well, it was either a really good dream... or a really bad nightmare? Either way, I guess you're awake and fully dressed! :)

Anonymous Poet said...

"one nubile naiad beckoning me"

Wow. Interesting. You don't see wood nymphs every day in the woods, now do you? Much less nubile ones . . .

she smote you with her fertile look. That must have been some kind of cosmic experience. I'm just glad you survived! Sounds powerful. : )

Also, thanks for your comment on "Adventure." I like to think that might make a nice country song. I think it is accessible and has a universal theme. What do you think, should I cut have a demo cut and send it to Nashville? A basic version would probably only take 3 chords. . .

: )

If you like that one, I would be interested to know what you think of my latest piece. It's called "Beer." Somehow, I imagine it is right up your alley.

Take care,

Crunchy Weta said...

Wouldnt complain about a night like that! Guess you had to wake sometime.

rch said...

Hey Shirl, thanks it was a little of both. 8^D

Hey AP, yes I was quite surprised ;-). Well I like writing songs and am actually in the Songwriters Guild (though my dues are way behind) so was happy to be able to offer an opinion for you to consider. I will check it out, sounds like fun.

Hey Glenn, it was definitely a gift from a daymare. 8^P