Wednesday, May 03, 2006



As golden bricks come tumbling down
a shade is looming over town,
no more will blooming clouds of toil
precipitate their blessed soil.

The ancients shake their heads and frown
as golden bricks come tumbling down,
they gaze with tears upon the mess—
a crumbled icon of success.

But now that the horizon’s clear
what promise can be seen from here?
As golden bricks come tumbling down
we say goodbye to past renown,

then pave the way for someone new
to mosey with the revenue.
A deathly quiet carpets town
as golden bricks come tumbling down.

Well everybody, it’s time for a little history/sentimentality (from me?). I’ve provided a couple of links below about the story that inspired this poem. My little hometown used to be internationally known for rugs and many other industries back in the day, and now one of the biggest smokestacks around here is finally going down. I’m not sure if you can see how big it truly is from the pictures, but I will try to get a shot of the fall and update later. Check out the link to Amsterdam’s history, some cool stuff there. Just updated the link below, check out the video.

Bye Bye

Amsterdam's History


Anonymous said...

Hey Bob,
It's always sad to see our hometowns change. I think you probably summed up the feelings of the entire town here if it's anything like my town. Very sentimental (even for you) and very interesting links.

rch said...

Well where I work now is housed in one of the old carpet mills, but most of them are gone, hopefully to be replaced with some good businesses that help this town out. Thanks Shirley! 8^D

Anonymous said...

I remember someone once saying...Sometimes you have to change to grow. Change is progress. You certainly can't have one without the other.

York Staters said...

hi! thanks for letting us know about the poem, it's very evocative of amsterdam's current state...keep up the good work!