Thursday, May 04, 2006


What is our purpose, what is the purpose?
We struggle for freedom, conquer oppression;
for what?
To have time to sit around and bitch
about everything we don’t like
or better yet,
to watch someone pretend to do it on TV
and feel we’re being represented,
vindicated by a kindred spirit?

Look closer, you’ll see the strings,
though they’ve gotten much better
at making them invisible.
Reject the Yoke!

Today a tower fell, golden bricks
scattered in a circle,
our dependence on its shadow
an arbitrary tangent,
a vector of depression.

If five people are walking on the same road
and all glance up at the horizon together,
what does each see?

Well here's a little changeup for the two people that may actually read my blog. I've been playing with fv lately, let me know if it's worth it or should I stick with rhymes?

Also, while we're on the subject of work and prosperity I see Billy the Blogging Poet just posted my new theme song, I just hope he plays it in B flat, as in I be flat broke!!


Crunchy Weta said...

Hija, I'd like to reserve my opinion til I see more :-) It's er lacking the humour of most of your posts - due to the event of the day I presume.

Anonymous said... says a lot. It sounds like you. I hear your voice but I do love your rhyming! The problem is that I am not good at reading free verse, not that you are not good at writing it. If that's the way you choose to go I'm sure you'll become the best at it. You packed a lot of truth in there!

Anonymous said...

I like your theme song but could you sing that for me?

rch said...

Hey Glenn,

yes it was a bummer, but I'm not the most cheerful guy to begin with either, humor is just a defense mechanism to keep me sane. 8^D

Hey #2, thanks and we'll see what happens.

Shirley, as long as you don't mind the blues! ;^)

Crunchy Weta said...

Yes, well humour is a funny thing. Music is something else.