Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Integer Envy

I feel the difference keenly
getting by with what I’ve got
between the halves like me
and the wholes who are not;
an ocean of disparity
that always seems to ebb—
the tattered silken travesty
of a long aborted web—
a shriveled blossom left to rot
rejected by each bee—
unlike those ones who know they’re not
a lowly half like me.

Remaining plus can sometimes be the hardest part of all
don’t underrate your value, regardless how small.


Crunchy Weta said...

Hi Bob, I was at once reminded of a Monty Python song - Eric the half a bee. Funny how you get flashes of past life. I needed a bit of a lift today,have been in a tired baby woken grump for last couple of days - so nice reminder (ie your last couplet)

rch said...

Yes I remember that one, love those guys too. I used to work with a guy that could quote just about every episode word for word. Glad to have helped 8^D.


Anonymous Poet said...

Yes. I always hated those darn integers.

Darn them to heck, anyway.