Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Mulch Ado

His house looks appalling
the clapboard is falling
with chips of peeled paint everywhere,
but when he comes out
he stalks all about
ignoring the needed repair;
for all that is seen
are blades neat and green
his mission, to thwart every weed—
he stares manic-eyed
as neighbors steer wide
of a person whose world went to seed.


Anonymous said...

Very good! I like the way you show the comparison between a healthy balance and obsession. Obsessive thoughts and actions can definately distort life if allowed to.

rch said...

Hey thanks Shirley! I've been listening to Abbey Road to learn a few Beatles tunes. In my humble opinion nobody wrote better character songs than those guys. I may not always understand the lingo but the imagery is undeniable. 8^D

katy said...

hmmn, somehow i am reminded of the segment in creep show where stephen king plays a dense farmer type who pokes an aestroid only to awake the next morning covered in long hairy grass like green fun. he turns into something that resembles a front yard.

thanks for the light read; i always enjoy stopping by here; always a good time ^_^

rch said...

Hey katy, yes I can see that too, and of course I love SK's stuff. He comes up with some interesting characters himself. Thanks for stopping by, your great comments are always appreciated. 8^D