Thursday, February 04, 2010


In the wilds at night
the stars shine so bright
you tend to forget that it's dark
and sometimes it seems
the light from these beams
make any perception a lark,

and so it became
for the man with no name
as he silently stared in the tent,
he knuckled his eyes
but to his surprise
the instinct to strike was now spent.

Extremities numb
he sat, overcome
by a feeling he never had known
unleashing a mood
where senses were skewed
encouraging him to atone

for all of the lives
the children and wives
his terrible blade had undone,
from that moment hence
he'd make recompense
to her that bedazzled the sun.

His thoughts were so deep
he just didn't keep
his mind on the matter at hand
and failed to detect
that his target had trekked
outside to defiantly stand

with silk robes a mess
and each raven tress
caressing her heavenly form,
their eyes fiercely locked
then widened, quite shocked
as a wall of sand started the storm.

***OK, here is finally part three of my desert saga. It's been a while but hopefully I'll finish it soon, though I make no promises. Below are links to the first two chapters, enjoy!***

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