Thursday, February 11, 2010


So progress is a… stop light,
how will we move ahead?
Well it also signals Turn Right
for subjects better led.

It all seems so confusing
perhaps I’d best change lanes
and leave uncharted cruising
to the tanks they fill with brains,

but that would be improper
I was born free, so I’ll die
just watch out for a copper
because I’m in the mood to fly!


ozymandiaz said...

someone asked me the other day if not me, who would I want to be
a subject, admittedly, that I have not spent time pondering
so I took a moment to do so
and came up with this
I would be that guy, though with perfect vision, who lives his entire life and never sees so much as a phone pole

How ya been? Sorry I hadn’t been by as of late.

rch said...

Hi oz, hope you're well. No apology necessary just glad whenever you do stop in.

I wrote this after watching traffic at a newly expanded intersection last night. For a while though, it was tough to see anything. Sometimes you just need to take a break.

Well I hope you're going to start posting again, I do miss your style and POV. Take it easy,


Dimple said...

Hey Bob,

I read this composition earlier but couldn't leave a comment as I was in hurry that time...
Now got some time, so scanned your blog 1st :) as you are loaded with brilliant ideas and subjects.

I was born free, so I’ll die


rch said...

thanks dimps you are too kind.