Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I was just a stupid kid
without the will to fight
unconcerned if what I did
would ever turn out right,
I hit the alley hard and hid
content to be contrite
then shook behind the flower shop
while gasping out “P-please don’t stop.”

Then I heard a telling squeal
and felt my heartbeat race
imagining how it would feel
when he danced upon my face,
she swore that it was no big deal
to tarry at my place
but someone should have told her man
that stalker in the two-tone van.

I must have seemed like such a clown
not even worth a sweat
he simply rolled his window down
and I never will forget
when he said “She’s had everyone in town,
don’t worry, you’ll find out yet!”
then snickered as he turned to go
amused by my impending woe.

1 comment:

Dimple said...

Hello Bob,

I liked the entire plot :)
Last para is framed very well!

Take care.