Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Most Unwanted

I’m not a bard
who’s avant-garde
or rife with erudition
I can’t inject
my dialect
with facile intuition
I scrawl these runes
intone my tunes
as simply as required
and can’t refuse
this stubborn muse
that prods till I’m inspired
but do not read
or ever heed
these lyrical confessions
my heinous crime
is writing rhyme
the worst of all transgressions.


Anonymous said...

You outlaw you...are we really that bad? You're still my favorite poet and whatever you say you say with such eloquence that it doesn't even have to make sense! I'd say that's quite a gift.

Have a good day. Shirl

ozymandiaz said...

I hear brother. I spent most of my life hooked on the rhyme. So many site I visit...its like an alchoholic watching peaple drink. I gave it up out of need, but I, by no means, consider it a crime. Indeed, I find your poetry quite rewarding, seeing my beloved rhyme in working fashion and working well.

rch said...

Hi Shirley, all I can say is thanks, though I think most people in general see rhyming as weak writing, we can still enjoy.

Hi Dan, thank you very much but my lawyer said I can't comment, lol.

Mad Kane said...

I can relate! Very funny!
Mad Kane