Tuesday, September 12, 2006


I Am Bound, I Am Bound

I am bound, I am bound, for a distant shore
By a lonely isle, by a far Azore,
There it is, there it is, the treasure I seek,
On the barren sands of a desolate creek.

—Henry David Thoreau

For so long I have been confined
within this plainly troubled mind
recoiling from a world unkind,
slowly rotting inside the rind.

Extensions of my inner need
through sightless eyes emotions bleed—
conscience calls, I don’t heed
negating my chance to be freed.

I snuggle up to this cold chain
embracing all my bitter pain,
reflection casts intense disdain
until just livid scars remain.

A lucent tunnel lurks unfound
beyond grim depths of Lonely Sound,
I need not search yon empty ground
to see the way that I am bound.


ozymandiaz said...

Damn, Robert, this is a powerful write. The emotional level is palpable. Very striking...

rch said...

Hi Ozmo, thanks a lot, it was originally 3 verses but then I found the HDT poem and incorporated it, also adding the last verse. I thought it would be neat to start with bound meaning confined but by the end it's also a direction. Take care my friend,