Tuesday, August 29, 2006


How would life be without want
what would we grasp without need
would we have to devise a new font
to exclude connotations of greed?

How would time pass without pain
what would we bide without grief
would we shed all the doubts that profane
a much healthier brand of belief?

How can love grow without trust
what could we learn without faith
would we silently turn back to dust
our existence no more than a wraith?


ozymandiaz said...

Alas, what would the ying be without the yang? What of light without dark?
So many questions
But no answere can be known without experience...
So the questions remain existential

Anonymous said...

Hi Bob,
So many questions that sadly, we all must answer for ourselves. While reading this, an old Billy Joel song 'A Matter of Trust' popped into my head for some reason. I haven't heard that song in years but always liked it. Have a good day.

Crunchy Weta said...

The trust and pain questions seem fresh to me ( well maybe I have heard the trust one before ), but I've never before connected pain to times passing - it does seem something worth more thought. Thanks for a new idea Bob :-)
PS Sandra White sucks and I can detect the beginning of validations necessity :-(

rch said...

Hi Oz, there's that dang word again! ;)

Hi Shirl, thanks you too.

Hey Glenn, you're welcome! Well I did just post a new poem for her. :D