Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Drinking It All In

Inky cup of bitter brew
drawn in shades of blackest hue
stirs my mind to slowly sip
and savor every artful drip.

**This little poem was inspired by a stimulating cup of refreshment provided by Danny over at Anatomy of Despair, I love his artwork and I think you will too so go check it out. Speaking of verse inspired by great art, don’t forget to ring in this week at Katy’s, check out the requirements and get creating!**


rch said...

Hey Michelle, well did you check out Danny's stuff? It is incredible, the poetry and art.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bob, thanks a lot for this link and your always moving and lyrical poem. I've been very busy for my forthcoming show that I slowed down for a while from blogging. Hope you're here in my country; I'll be honored to listen to your poems at the opening of my solo show on Sept. 18, 2006.