Monday, August 21, 2006

Pet Project

Your doomed endeavor lingers like the foul
ungodly stench of rotting flesh, like game
some vulgar beast set out to merely maim
in order to enjoy it’s dying howl.
You calmly stalk the unsuspecting sheep
to find a juicy morsel worth your time,
a sturdy buck made meaner by the clime
that often lulls those weaker off to sleep;
for only through their valiant dying heave
can creatures so beguiled by wanton greed
acquire the control on which they feed
and justify the doctrine they believe—
a flock exists to pacify the strong
when raised to stomach being led along.


ozymandiaz said...

You must know a lot of rednecks...

rch said...

Well the Adirondacks have their own brand of hillbilly but I'm a bit more citified I reckon. If it's about bondage & greed and I posted it on a monday it's usually about work, which unfortunately holds true for this one.

Anonymous said...

Well, now it makes sense! I read it over and over but for some reason that last line kept me from grasping where you were going. Bondage is not a good place to reside...release yourself! You may have misplaced the key but you still have it if you choose to use it. I had an editor once who wanted to be rich so he could afford to live a life of poverty. There must be something to it!

rch said...

now do you see?