Monday, July 10, 2006


The house light dims behind a cloud
expectant stillness grips the crowd,
archaic anthems fail to stave
this feeling that the free aren’t brave;
among the herd routinely cowed
synthetic banners limply wave.

Regaled by learned troubadours
oblivious to fading shores
insistent strings are neatly plucked
by those who greedily deduct
whatever will our faith restores
when we condone what they conduct.


White Square said...

this poem has struck a chord with me. I have always wanted to say this and I find my voice in your I can rest fpor a while as you are doing the calling so well...

ozymandiaz said...

Been going to political rallies, have you?
Very well put. My tongue keeps tripping on "greedily". It generally plays well orally so I don't know if it is just being followed by "deduct" or what. Perhaps it’s just me. It is still early in the morning.

rch said...

Hi abhay, was it dominant or minor? Thanks I'm glad you got a break, now get writing!

Hey oz, no it was an actual symphony in the park, but it was prefaced by a politician that would give any brass section a run for their money as far as wind. I also stumbled a bit there, maybe selfishly?

Erin said...

There's quite a political feeling to the blogosphere lately, even in poetry, where I don't normally find it so much. Guess it speaks to the state of the world right now.

Love the rhyme scheme you chose, it marches right through - very appropriate.

Russell Ragsdale said...

Me too Bob, I thought the rhyme scheme was very effective here. I don't write much in rhyme anymore but it hasn't hurt my enjoyment of it. The theme was great too!