Thursday, July 20, 2006

Another Spin?

Ten twirls around the crowded floor
and still the tune inspires
well worn shoes to waltz some more
before the band retires.

You let me lead, reluctantly
then gently sway in time;
my world revolves in front of me
unfathomed yet sublime.

Our partnership has persevered
to flourish as we prance,
all emptiness just disappeared
pre-empted by the dance.


Anonymous said...

Hey, you are becoming quite the romantic on us here. This is beautiful. I can actually picture the dance and hear the song. Great always!

ozymandiaz said...

Happy tenth to you and yours

Anonymous said...

Oh, did I miss that ten year clue? Should I have said Happy Anniversary to you and Mrs. Bob? I'm sorry :(

rch said...

Hey you guys, thanks it was a nice anniversary. 8^D