Monday, July 10, 2006

Can You Hear Me Now?

Hi Ho and welcome to the Muppet Show, heh, sorry just feeling a little froggy after playing out all weekend. Well it’s here, the 3rd Ringing of the Bards hosted by the most gracious Ashraf over at Arch Memory, go over and take a look, he has done a great job showing how distances mean nothing when words are involved, and there’s some outstanding creative efforts to be enjoyed. Thanks Ashraf!!

Also I would like to throw in a little shameless self promotion here and announce that my poetry has been featured on Nic Treadwell’s Homegrown Podcast #35. I recorded some of my poems as mp3 files and sent them to Nic a few weeks ago. They’re a little scratchy but definitely decipherable (it may take a few minutes to launch/download). I really must thank Nic for emailing me out of the blue; I was so happy and honored to be asked. And please check out Nic’s link over in my links section, some awesome poetry he has written and all kinds of creative stuff will be found, not to mention he is looking for new contributors all the time. Thanks Nic!!


Crunchy Weta said...

Hey that was fun. Isn't it always a surprise to hear someones voice!
Well done :-)

rch said...

I hate the sound of my own voice but it was fun to do. On 'Buckle Up' you can hear an engine revving in the background, that was totally by mistake (coming from outside) but fit right in. Thanks a lot Glenn.

Anonymous said...

Nope. I keep hearing "You have been disconnected"! Glad you had fun with it though. :)