Monday, June 05, 2006

Where's Your Spirit?

Traumatized by trenchant tines
a punctured peach perversely pines
"Why won’t we wind up as wines?"
while coddled concords cuddle vines.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I saw this one at MV. You should have won! Coddled concords cuddling vines...sounds almost cozy. The reason my site keeps changing is because different templates have different functions and I keep trying to find one with the RIGHT functions. I'm trying another one right now so I may have to update my address if that one works. This blogging doesn't leave time for writing! I have caller ID I just forget to look at it sometimes!

ozymandiaz said...

What? You've never had peach wine?

rch said...

Hey guys, I have a cartoon I made to go with this but haven't been able to get it to post. And yes I have heard of it Oz though I never had any. This was for a challenge.